Transportation Company?

Uber claims it is NOT a Transportation Company…
Really? Seriously? I mean, “come on man!”

What Uber Says:

“Uber itself does not provide transportation services, and Uber is not a transportation carrier. Uber only acts as intermediary between you and the Transportation Provider. The provision of transportation services by the Transportation Provider to you is therefore subject to the agreement (to be) entered into between you and the Transportation Provider. Uber shall never be a party to such an agreement.”

If Uber is not a “transportation company”, then why are they trying to change the laws in cities and states across the country that pertain to “transportation companies”?

Uber recruits drivers. Uber markets and signs up customers. Uber takes credit card information from customers. Uber takes reservations from customers. Uber dispatches drivers. Uber calculates fares for trips. And Uber charges for the transportation from point A to B and takes up to 20% of the fare from the driver to pay their excutives and investors. What else is there? Why is Uber going to such great lengths to convince the public and the policy makers they are NOT A TRASNPORTATION COMPANY?

Its simple. Money. Transportation companies across the country are some the most regulated industries in the marketplace. Why? To protect consumers from price gouging, ensure there is enough liability coverage in the case of an accident or injury, make sure proper driver background checks for drivers take place and guarantee that these transportation companies provide equal service for everyone, regardless of their socioeconomic background, where they live, how short the fare might be or whether they require special assistance in the form of wheelchair accessibility.

If Uber is “not a transportation company”, then they don’t need to comply with the “rules of the road”.

So ask yourself: “Why does Uber want to change the laws regulating transportation companies if they are NOT a transportation company”?

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