Is Uber’s taxi map full of fake cabbies?


You know all those little car icons you see when you open up your Uber app? All those little cabs in close proximity, just waiting to pick you up?

Well, they might be fake. Researchers from think-tank Data & Society said the cars shown to be very close to you could be fake, but the arrival times are still accurate.

Uber turns away blind passenger


According to Dave, the driver told him he had a problem with Divit getting into his car since he had leather seats. Dave said even after informing the driver of the law, the driver refused and took off, but not before canceling Dave’s ride and charging him a $1 cancellation fee.

Police: DNA Links Uber Driver to Sex Assault Spree


An Uber driver already facing charges for allegedly kidnapping and raping one of his customers in December may have ties to a string of assaults that spanned the last decade, police say. After a string of assaults on Boston’s historic Esplanade went unsolved for almost a decade, police finally identified a suspect on Tuesday: an
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New York City won’t seek Uber cap


‘We need to find a way to manage the huge increase in new vehicles to keep our streets moving, protect air quality and make sure our buses and other vehicles can also get around. In one TV ad, “Don’t Let Mayor de Blasio Strand New Yorkers”, Uber argued that taxi driversoften discriminate against minority communities
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If UberX gets the go-ahead, is that enough to get it here?


The stage is set for a vote Wednesday of the St. Louis Metropolitan Taxicab Commission on allowing ride-hailing services including UberX to operate here. One possible scenario is that the commission gives the green light, but Uber balks at the strings attached, which has happened elsewhere. Or the commission could take the recommendation of a
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UPPER WEST SIDE (WABC) — The hugely successful Uber car service has grown exponentially. In New York City they add about 500 drivers per week. However, the city is about to put the brakes on the popular app. “My wife takes Uber, but we can’t let them become like Walmart,” says Councilman Ydanis Rodriguez. Councilman
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